City Council


Teddy Stronks

Mayor Stronks has served on the City Council since 1988 and as Mayor since 2001.  In the 2011 City election, Mayor Stronks was elected to his 3rd full term as Mayor. 

Teddy  was born in Ashton in 1954 and has lived here his entire life. He graduated from North Fremont High School in 1972 and went on an LDS mission to British Columbia, Canada. Upon his return he attended Ricks College and met his wife Delena Armstrong from Robin, Idaho. He is the owner of Stronks and Sons Lumber and Hardware Store.  He and Delena have 5 kids of which include 4 boys and one girl. He loves the scouting program in which he has earned his Eagle and Silver Beaver awards. He is also an active Rotarian.

Teddy's knowledge comes through the college of hard knocks, which has made him the man he is today. He enjoys spending his free moments, if any, boating and golfing.

Term ends: 2015

City Council

Teresa Hansen

Teresa to date has served one year on the City Council and serves as City Council Representative to the Community Center Committee and the Visitor Center Volunteers.  Teresa is very active with the community; she works as a keyboarding teacher at the Ashton Elementary  School.  She also raises money for the Elementary School with Patty Litton and helps with the Ashton Community Christmas Program with Brandy Burlage. 

Teresa is a native of FremontCounty.  She graduated from South Fremont  High school and attended two years at Ricks College.  She is married to Darin Hansen and together are the parents of Lacey Atchley, Tyson Hansen, Taylor Hansen and Chris Hansen . 

In her spare time she loves to sew, make quilts, embroidery, watch her boys at their sporting events and watch and play with her grandson.

Term ends: 2015

Becky Harrigfeld

Becky grew up in Ashton and Squirrell, Idaho.  She graduated from North Fremont and went on to attend college in Orem and Provo, Utah. 

Becky worked in Idaho Falls at an insurance agency and in Salt Lake City at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  She got tired of the City and returned to Ashton 18 1/2 years ago.  She is active in community serving on the City P&Z Commission prior to being elected to the City Council. 

When she has free time, Becky enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  She currently works as a Deputy Clerk at the Fremont County Court in St. Anthony.

Term ends: 2017

Tadd Atchley

Tadd Atchley grew up on the banks of the Fall River near Ashton.  He graduated from North Fremont High School and is a licensed lineman. 

Tadd married the former Lacey Hansen and they have two sons, Dawson and Ace.

Tadd works in the construction industry throughout the area.  He is also active in the community and is looking forward to new experiences on the City Council. 

Term ends: 2017

Jerry Funke

Jerry and his wife Micki have been involved in the Ashton community for many years.  

Term ends: 2019