Teddy Stronks

Mayor Teddy Stronks

Mayor Stronks has served on the City Council since 1988 and as Mayor since 2001.  In the 2011 City election, Mayor Stronks was elected to his 3rd full term as Mayor. 

Teddy was born in Ashton in 1954 and has lived here his entire life. He graduated from North Fremont High School in 1972 and went on an LDS mission to British Columbia, Canada. Upon his return, he attended Ricks College and met his wife Delena Armstrong from Robin, Idaho. He is the owner of Stronks and Sons Lumber and Hardware Store.  He and Delena have 5 kids of which include 4 boys and one girl. He loves the scouting program in which he has earned his Eagle and Silver Beaver awards. He is also an active Rotarian.

Teddy's knowledge comes through the college of hard knocks, which has made him the man he is today. He enjoys spending his free moments, if any, boating and golfing.

Term ends: 2019