Measure Twice, Cut Once

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

As the weather warms up here in Ashton, Idaho, you may start thinking about making improvements to your house or property. Planning is always a key to any project, and any carpenter or seamstress will tell you to measure twice and cut once.

The first step you should take when planning any renovation to your property is to determine whether you need a building permit of any sort. Here are some examples of projects that need a permit:

  • Any lot split or plat amendment;
  • Any dwelling construction
  • Any accessory building or fence construction (some may be exempt)
  • Any clearing, grading, or excavation preparatory to any construction

Larger projects may require a more complex permit. Projects that are outside of the standard zoning regulations may need a conditional use permit.

You can find all the requirements on the City of Ashton website. You can even print off copies of the applications yourself from the Planning & Zoning page of the city website. If you have any questions at all, please drop by the office or phone us. One short phone call to the City Office at 208-652-3987 can save you and the city personnel some heartache. It can also save you some money in potential fines and unnecessary rework on your project.