Snowmobile Rules

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Snowmobile Code

Snowmobile Code

The Ashton Police Department would like to remind citizens that there are rules for snowmobiling inside the City of Ashton.  These rules help to keep everyone one safe.  Please pay special attention to the highlighted portions of the rules.  Also - section K is also applicable to cars, four wheelers and all other motorized vehicles. 

Please read the rules and follow them.


Regulations for the operation of snowmobiles within the city of Ashton, Idaho are as follows:

  1. State Registration And Driver's License: State registration of the snowmobile and a valid driver's license are required to operate a snowmobile on the streets of Ashton. The snowmobile registration number shall be displayed in a conspicuous place.
  2. State Highways:
    1. No person shall operate a snowmobile on a state highway.
    2. Snowmobiles must make a complete stop before crossing a state highway, shall yield the right of way to all oncoming traffic, and may cross a state highway by making a ninety-degree (90°) direct crossing.
  3. City Streets: The streets within the city of Ashton are to be used only as a method of transportation and not as a means of recreation.
  4. Stops Required: A full stop must be made at all intersections, alleys, and stop signs.
  5. Single File; Right Side; Speed: Snowmobiles must travel in a single file on the right side of the streets and shall not exceed the speed of fifteen (15) miles per hour. 
  6. Hours: Snowmobiles may not be operated within the city of Ashton between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. unless leaving or returning to the city.
  7. Private Property; Sidewalks; Posted Areas: Snowmobiles must not be operated on private property without the permission of the owner and must not be operated on sidewalks or posted areas.
  8. Equipment:
    1. Lights: Headlights and taillights must be on at all times during operation.
    2. Brake: Snowmobiles must be equipped with a hand or a foot braking device.
    3. Muffler: Snowmobiles must be equipped with an adequate muffler.
  9. Attaching To Vehicles Prohibited: No person riding on a snowmobile shall attach it or himself to any vehicle on a street or roadway.
  10. Parking:
    1. Snowmobiles must be parked in posted areas unless parked on private property with the owner's permission. 
    2. No snowmobile may be parked on a sidewalk.
  11. Pulling Objects: Snowmobiles shall not be used to pull any sled, trailer, or other objects without a rigid hitch
  12. Careless Or Reckless Operation Prohibited: Snowmobiles must not be operated in a careless or reckless manner. (Ord. 320 § 2, 1985)