Too Many Mosquitos!

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Too Many Mosquitos

The City Council has discussed mosquito abatement for several years.  This summer the mosquito population has seemed worse than usual prompting the Council to start a mosquito abatement program.  Mosquitos can transmit several diseases including encephalitis and the West Nile virus to humans.  They can also carry a parasite which may cause heartworm in dogs (source:  Mosquitos can also really make backyard gatherings and even daily maintenance difficult for homeowners.  The City is hoping to improve its citizens life as well as keep them safe with this program. 

The City is using a machine that provides Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV) spraying.  ULV spraying is the process of distributing very small amounts of liquid into the air as a fine mist droplet.  Less than a “shot glass” of mosquito spray is dispersed over an area the size of a football field (approx. 1 acre).  The droplets float over the air currents and quickly reduce the numbers of mosquitoes that come in contact with them.  The spray the City is using is Pursuit 4-4 and information on it is available at the City Building.

Citizens can assist the City with the mosquito abatement program by accomplishing two maintenance chores at their homes.  The first is to keep grass trimmed.  Long grass can be a nice area for mosquitoes to live and breed.  The second is to check your yard for any item with standing water sitting in it.  This could be an old tire or even a low spot that gets too much water.  Water is essential for mosquitoes so removing items that collect it or watering less will assist in keeping the mosquito population down.   

The City will be fogging in the evening when the mosquitoes will be actively flying, which is typically around dusk.  The wind speed needs to be slow and so there will evenings when no fogging will occur.  The City Office has had inquiries as to ‘opting out’ of the mosquito fogging.  As the fog is carried by air currents it is not realistic to stop the fog as it will drift anyway.  If you are concerned or want to ‘opt out’ – simply watch the weather conditions close to dusk.  If it is a calm evening – the City will may be fogging and you should stay inside your home with the windows closed.  You can reopen the windows, etc. within the hour.

If you have any questions, please call the City Building at (208)652-3987.