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Picnic Season is Over
Here is a note from our Parks & Rec Supervisor: Looks like picnic season has come to an end…
October 09, 2019
All cities in Idaho will be having elections for city public offices this year.  City elections in…
August 22, 2019
If you have any questions you can call the City Building at (208)652-3987. 
August 05, 2019
Too Many Mosquitos
The City Council has discussed mosquito abatement for several years.  This summer the mosquito…
July 26, 2019
Schedule of Garbage Holidays
The schedule of garbage holidays (no garbage pickup) are as follows: Thanksgiving Christmas New…
April 30, 2019
Manage your City of Ashton billing with Xpress Bill Pay
As a way to offer you more choices in how you pay your bills, the City of Ashton now lets you make…
April 15, 2019