City Council

City Council

Ashton City Council

The Ashton City Council invites the public to the monthly meetings and encourages participation in local government.

How the Council is Elected and Establish Policies

Four Council members, elected with no party affiliation, make up the City Council. They are elected to four-year overlapping terms as part-time officials. Terms are staggered, and elections are held every two years.

Teddy Stronks

Mayor Stronks has served on the City Council since 1988 and as Mayor since 2001.  In the 2011 City election, Mayor Stronks was elected to his 3rd full term as Mayor. 

Tadd Atchley

Tadd Atchley grew up on the banks of the Fall River near Ashton.  He graduated from North Fremont High School and is a licensed lineman. 

Tadd married the former Lacey Hansen and they have two sons, Dawson and Ace.

Tadd works in the construction industry throughout the area.  He is also active in the community and is looking forward to new experiences on the City Council. 

Term ends: 2021

Teresa Hansen

Teresa to date has served one year on the City Council and serves as City Council Representative to the Community Center Committee and the Visitor Center Volunteers.  Teresa is very active with the community; she works as a keyboarding teacher at the Ashton Elementary  School.  She also raises money for the Elementary School with Patty Litton and helps with the Ashton Community Christmas Program with Brandy Burlage.